RBSE Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 13 Information Technology

RBSE Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 13 Information Technology are part of RBSE Solutions for Class 8 Science. Here we have given RBSE Rajasthan Board Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 13 Information Technology.

Rajasthan Board Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 13 Information Technology

Board RBSE
Class Class 8
Subject Science
Chapter Chapter 13
Chapter Name Information Technology
Number of Questions Solved 32
Category RBSE Solutions

Information Technology Textbook Questions Solved

I. Multiple Choice Questions 

Question 1.

  1. In which year the radio broadcasting had started in India?
    (a) In 1926 A.D
    (b) In 1927 A.D
    (c) In 1928 A.D
    (d) In 1925 A.D
  2. At which place our countries first telephone exchange was established?
    (a) In Delhi
    (b) In Mumbai
    (c) In Pune
    (d) In Bangalore
  3. The part of Telephone instrument which is placed in front of mouth and collect sound and propagates the information in the form of electromagnetic waves is called
    (a) mouth piece
    (b) receiver
    (c) cable wire
    (d) None of the above


  1. (b)
  2. (b)
  3. (a)

Question 2.
Fill in the blanks

  1. The device based on information technology which send the graphs, charts, etc. through telephone network from one location to another location is called……………………..
  2. ……………………..is system which provides mainly health services. The doctors diagnose and cure the disease of patient at many places through the use of telecommnunication and information technology.
  3. Telephone is word of “Greek” language in which tele’ means Tar’ and ‘phone’ means……………………..
  4. The multichannel T.V. programs can be seen directly at home through satellite by using dish antenna without any cable operator. It is possible only due to……………………..


  1. Fax
  2. Tele medicine
  3. Sound
  4. D.T.H

Information Technology Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
Define the information technology.
The branch of technology in which information is sent or received through telecommunication medium by using computer is called information technology.

Question 2.
Tell any three names of telecommunication medium of information technology based on internet.

  1. Internet
  2. Television
  3. Computer

Information Technology Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
What do you mean by word television? Explain the working system of television. Write the names of latest technology and advanced Quality television of present era.
Television it is such a means of communication by which moving pictures and sound both reaches to us. Through it we could see live events of whole world. On 26 January 1926 John Logi Bair presented successful programme on television in Britain. In our country first television service was began on 15 September, 1959 in Delhi.
Mainly televisions are of two types:

  1. Black and white
  2. Colored.

Programmes are telecast from the centre by converting picture and sound into Radio magnetic waves. These waves are spread around by television antenna. These waves again converts into picture and sound in our television.
Elements of Television:
Tuner circuit, amplifier, detector circuit, power supply, picture tube, and loudspeaker are the elements of television. Picture tube in general language is called screen. On screen approx two lacs points of sensitive substances are located. There are three electron tubes in colored television camera. Such mirrors are located in these tubes that they divide light coming in cameras in three parts. T.V. can be controlled manually as well as by remote. Remote control is a small rectangular box, having buttons, when these buttons pressed, they produce invisible waves which are received by the television.

In present era very/ultra modern televisions are in used like:
Flat T.V., L.C.D. T.V. (Liquid Crystal Display T.V.) L.E.D. T.V. (Light Emitting Diode T.V.) curved T.V. etc. In advanced techniques of telecast cable T.V. and D.T.H. (Direct to home) service is in great trend. In D.T.H. T.V. telecast through high technique multi channel T.V. Programmes with the help of a small dish antenna without cable operator, by the means of satellite can be seen direct on T.V. in homes. 50 to 75 cm dish antenna is used.

Question 2.
What is internet? Write the main names of communication means based on internet and describe any two in detail.
Internet is an international way of massage which is formed by connecting telephone lines with computers located at different places of the world. By this informations reach from one place to another in a moment. Internet word is formed by combining two English words International and Network means global system (world wide net). It is a wireless system.

Major Services based on Internet:
It has converted whole world into a whole sale market where you can purchase from very small to big things. Open any website of E-Commerce give your order and receive your most wanted thing. Credit card is the most suitable means for online purchasing, sending information to consumers through advertisement for purchasing and selling. E-commerce plays an important role in conducting business activities by utilising-Computer network, internet, worldwide web to EDI (Electronic data interchanges), E-mail, E-ft (Electronic file transfer) etc.

It is mainly a system of providing medical facility, in which Doctor treats those patients living in remote areas with the help of Tele-Communication and Information technology. In this system patient and doctor can see each other and can talk to each other. Beside pictures of ECG, X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI etc can be examine by opening computer video file.

Modern technique of information telecast in which many channels can be telecast together just through one cable or wire. It is called broadband.

Question 3.
Describe the utility of information technology. Make a list of possible cyber crimes by taking into consideration of human future and tell its safety measures.
Information technology and comfort society:
It has shown a new hope for corruption free society. It can be used to make society corruption free by making Public Distribution System Computerised. Informations related to supply should be publicize through web.

  1. Making Public related offices computerised and through networking appropriate reforms should be made.
  2. Right to Information should be implemented to bring transparency in the system. For this computerised information system, Intranet, Internet and extranet should be used to exchange information at faster rate.
  3. Introduction of Information technology in Banking system has brought a drastic change in consumer services. Beside it has controlled scams and corruptions.
  4. It has made Public related offices like Income Tax, customs and excise, water, electricity, city corporation driving license, ration etc. paperless. These system have become transparent and less expensive.

Cyber Security: What and why’ – It can be also called as safety of Information technology. It controls the unauthorised access of secret programmes of the government. Government, corporate world, Financial institutions, Hospitals and other important institutions collect and process them, then send to other computers. Hence it becomes necessary that for public and nation’s security such datas should be given safety. So, in Cyber era, Cyber security is very important. Through software and technology all such activities can be made safe.

Information Technology Additional Questions Solved

I. Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.
Twitter is a
(a) Satellite
(b) Telemedicine
(c) Social media
(d) None of these

Question 2.
Which is not the category of E- Commerce
(a) B2C
(b) C2C
(c) B2B
(d) C2E

Question 3.
Akashwani is another name of
(a) All India Radio
(b) Internet
(c) T.V Station
(d) Satellite Communication

Question 4.
GSM, CDMA, D-AMP3S and PDCS are types of
(a) T.V
(b) Mobile phones
(c) Internet
(d) Radios

Question 5.
In which year All India Radio was renamed as Akashwani
(a) 1937
(b) 1947
(c) 1957
(d) 1967

Question 6.
First time in 1960 STD Service i.e. subscriber trunk dialing started between-
(a) Delhi and Calcutta
(b) Delhi and Lucknow
(c) Lucknow and Calcutta
(d) Lucknow and Kanpur

Question 7.
In which year Fax system was invented by Scottish Alexander bell
(a) 1743
(b) 1943
(c) 1643
(d) 1843

Question 8.
In how many parts radio wave frequency is divided
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 5

Question 9.
Modem communication medium is
(a) Pigeon
(b) Trumpet
(c) Drum
(d) Internet

Question 10.
E-Commerce is related to
(a) EFT
(b) EDI
(c) E-mail
(d) All the above


1. (c)
2. (d)
3. (a)
4. (b)
5. (c)
6. (d)
7. (d)
8. (b)
9. (d)
10. (d)

II. Write True or False against each Question:

  1. Telemedicine is basically a health service providing system. (True/False)
  2. Whatsapp, Hike etc are mobile social media applications. (True/False)
  3. E-Mitra Services is the ambition of Gujarat Government. (True/False)
  4. Coloured television camera has four electron types. (True/False)
  5. In India, T.V. Service was started on 15th September 1959 in Delhi. (True/False)
  6. Electronic exchange was established in the year 1960. (True/False)
  7. Radio transmission waves are divided in three types, medium wave, short wave and ultra short wave. (True /False)
  8. The word fax is originated from English word fascimile. (True/False)
  9. A modern technique of transmitting many channels through single cable called broadband. (True/False)
  10. Cyber security is also known as information technology. (True/False)


1. (T)
2. (T)
3. (F)
4. (F) .
5. (T)
6. (T)
7. (T)
8. (T)
9. (T)
10. (F)

Information Technology Very Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
What is cyber security?
Answer:Cyber security is also called “Security of information technology”. It stops unauthorized access into various computers, important networks and confidential programme and data.

Question 2.
What is broadband?
A modem technique of transmission of information in which many channels can be transmitted simultaneously through a single cable or wire is called broadband.

Question 3.
Write the full form of STD.
The full form of STD is Subscriber Trunk Dialing.

Question 4.
Name the types of phones used nowadays.
Mainly there are three types of phone used in day to day life. Those are

  1. Photo phone
  2. Cordless phone
  3. Cellular phone

Question 5.
From where is the word fax derived?
The word fax is originated from English word fascimile. The fascimile word is a latin word in which ‘fas’ means ‘to make’ and ‘cimile’ means similar to.

Question 6.
Write atleast three names of main social media sites?
Facebook, twitter, blogger, tumbler etc.

Question 7.
What do you mean by satellite phone?
Satellite phones are those phones which look like normal mobile (smart phone). These phones can be connected to geo satellite, which are revolving in geo stationary orbit.

Question 8.
Define the term Telemedicine?
Telemedicine is basically a health service providing system. In this system doctor examine and give treatment to a patient far away using tele-communication and information technology. In this system doctor can see and talk to each other and also the pictures of ECG, X Rays, CAT SCAN etc. can be examined by opening the computer video file.

Question 9.
By using information technology how can we remove corruption from the society? Give three reason.
To remove corruption from the society the information technology can be use as follows:

  1. By computerization of public distribution system and make available the information related to supply distribution on web for public.
  2. By doing computerization and net working of public dealing offices.
  3. Deficiency in transparency in work culture the government has agreed to share/give the information to the common man under fundamental right to freedom. ‘

Question 10.
Which information technology based mediums of communication are used in today’s time?
These are the following information technology based medium of communication in 21st century

  1. Telephone
  2. Radio
  3. Fax
  4. E-Mail
  5. Television
  6. Internet.

Information Technology Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
Write atleast three uses of Fax machine?

  1. In the field of advertisement, exchange of graphics between agencies and consumers.
  2. Share market and Scientific services,
  3. Administrative engineering data.
  4. Transmission of different types of documents in energy industry.

Question 2.
What is DTH service? Explain.
It is broad casting service direct to home. In DTH system a small dish antenna is used, no cable operator is required. Dish of antenna directly received signals from satellite. DTH transmission uses high technique to get multichannel programmes. The size of dish antenna is 50 to 70 cm in diameter.

Question 3.
What is’ E-mitra? Which State Government has launch E-mitra? What is the usefulness of E-mitra service?
It is one of the services based on internet. E-mitra service is Rajasthan government’s ambitions. It is vailable in all 33 districts of Rajasthan. These services are available online in rural areas by common service centre (CSC) Kiosk and in Urban area by E-mitra Kiosk. People with this service can pay electric, water and telephone bills also they can get bonafide certificate, ration card, learner driving license etc.

Question 4.
What was the mode of communication hundred years ago?
100 years back the mode of commu¬nication was bugle or Dhol. To send secret messages the pigeons, horse riders were used by many Maharajas. In middle Europe the messages were sent by torch telegraph about past hundred years.

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