RBSE Solutions for Class 8 Social Science Chapter 11 Concept of Development

RBSE Solutions for Class 8 Social Science Chapter 11 Concept of Development are part of RBSE Solutions for Class 8 Social Science. Here we have given RBSE Rajasthan Board Solutions for Class 8 Social Science Chapter 11 Concept of Development.

Rajasthan Board Solutions for Class 8 Social Science Chapter 11 Concept of Development

Board RBSE
Class 8
Subject Social Science
Chapter Chapter 11
Chapter Name Concept of Development
Number of Questions Solved 12
Category RBSE Solutions

Concept of Development Textbook Questions Solved

Question 1.
Choose the correct option:
1. Which one of the following is a developed country?
(A) India
(B) Brazil
(C) Indonesia
(D) America

2. What do we call the process of using resources while keeping in mind of the future generation?
(A) Human Development
(B) Economic Development
(C) Industrial Development
(D) Continuous Development

1. (D)
2. (D)

Question 2.
Write the names of any three developed countries.
Names of three developed countries are:
1. England
2. America and
3. Japan

Question 3.
What are the major hurdles in the development of developing countries?
Hindrances in the development of the developing countries are:

  1. Lack of capital
  2. Use of old techniques of production.
  3. High growth rate of population.
  4. Evil effects of poverty
  5. Dependence on agriculture.
  6. Economic disparities.
  7. Low standard of education and health services.
  8. Lack of facilities of transport, communication and basic resources.

Question 4.
What is the meaning of Human Development Index?
Human Development Index gives a true picture of the development status of a country. Three factors i.e. education, life expectancy and purchasing power of an individual give the true assessment of Human Development Index. In other words, long and healthy life, increase in per capita income and improvement in the standard of education and educational qualification form the basis of human development in a country.

Question 5.
Explain the latest concept of Economic Development.
Concept of the economic development has been redefined. According to new concept of economic development the main objective of economic development is eradication . of poverty, unemployment and economic disparities. In other words a country can move towards economic development if its poverty and unemployment figures are showing declining trends and its economic disparities are narrowing.

Question 6.
What do you mean by intergrated development?
True development is possible if all the sections of society including the disadvantaged, the backward and the marginal are benefitted by the government initiated development schemes. In integrated development, effort is being made to provide privilege to all classes in the process of development by making it speedy and controlling the rate of poverty. The main objective of all government plans is integrated development.

Question 7.
Explain the difference between developed and developing countries on the basis of economic point of view?
The developed and the developing countries can be differentiated on the basis of following economic grounds:
In the developed countries the economic development is fast and as a result the people get more income and they have better means of not only livelihood but also of comforts and luxuries. Their population growth rate, too, is comparatively less. England, America, Japan and Switzerland are the examples of developed countries. On the other hand in the developing countries the population growth rate is high, development process is slow, agriculture is the main occupation, per capita income is low etc. These countries have remained sometime or the other, the colonies of the developed countries and as such they have remained backward.

Question 8.
Describe the problem of environment pollution due to modern development.
Speedy development attempts are responsible for the pollution of our environment. Mining, and deforestation in the Aravali region of Rajasthan have created great environmental problems. Rocks and hills are being encroached and forest areas eroded in the name of developing infrastructure, transport system, thereby causing uncertainty of monsoons and deficiency in the mineral resources. Over use of insecticides and chemical fertilizers have polluted our agriculture produce due to which people and the animals are falling prey to many diseases.

Problems of fall in the level of underground water especially in the desert areas of Rajasthan has become very acute. Heavy vehicles and use of refrigerators and air conditioners are emitting poisonous gases and as a consequent of that ozone layer is depleting. Overuse of resources in the name of development has caused the environmental pollution and it needs to be controlled and regulated.

Concept of Development Additional Questions Solved

Concept of Development Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
In how many parts the countries of the world can be divided today economically?
Today the countries of the world can be divided into two parts economically:
1. Developed
2. Developing

Question 2.
What are the indicators of economic development?
Indicators of economic development are: 
1. Health
2. Education
3. Increase in per capita income.

Question 3.
Discuss economic development in the context of India.
According to Indian concept of economic development exploiting optimally ail the available resources available in the country according to needs and using them in nation’s interest and bringing change in economic structure and technology are the goals.Today, every nation is doing effort to make economic development successful. There is a competition among developed and developing nations of the world of economic development.

Economic development is necessary to end problems of poverty, unemployment and economic disparities present in developing nation. To end fear, hunger and discrimination from the world and in view of international peace and security, economic development is the most important need of the modern era. Economic development is also related to economically backward nations, where use of means is not done optimally for the development.

Concept of Development Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
Discuss in detail the causes of emergence of the concept of sustainable or continuous development.
1. Environmental pollution due to modern development.
2. Reckless exploitation of natural resources.
3. Loss of forest area in greed of development and minerals like- Aravali region.
4. Cutting of mountains in the name of building, highways for transportation. It results in the form of decreasing mineral resources and uncertainity of rainfall.
5. Excess use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides have converted the fertile land into barren and badland. Due to it food products produced from
such land become unfit and toxic and consumption of these put adverse effects on human and animals health. They become the victim of many diseases.
6. Over exploitation of water has made many regions specially desert regions of Rajasthan suffer serious problems like decreasing underground water level and salty water.
7. Depletion of Ozone layer and air pollution have emerged as problems due to release of harmful gases by the overuse of vehicular transport, refrigerators and air conditioners. Hence there is need to check today’s culture of consumerism and skill full and reasonable exploitation of resources. The process of development should bring prosperity for man. The advantage of which should reach not only to present generation but future generations also. This is continuous on sustainable development.

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