RBSE Solutions for Class 9 Social Science Chapter 21 Road Safety-Education

RBSE Solutions for Class 9 Social Science Chapter 21 Road Safety-Education are part of RBSE Solutions for Class 10 Social Science. Here we have given Rajasthan Board RBSE Class 9 Social Science Chapter 21 Road Safety-Education.

Board RBSE
Textbook SIERT, Rajasthan
Class Class 9
Subject Social Science
Chapter Chapter 21
Chapter Name Road Safety-Education
Number of Questions Solved 4
Category RBSE Solutions

Rajasthan Board RBSE Class 9 Social Science Chapter 21 Road Safety-Education


Question 1.
Do you give way to your classmates, teachers while walking on verandahs?

Question 2.
What do you understand by car pooling?
Sharing of a car be many passengers is called pooling of car.

Question 3.
What is subway?
Subway is a passage for tresspasses where traffic jams occur to avoid accidents and control traffic jams.

Question 4.
How the cost of petrol is decided? Mention the name of International economic element?
The government of India fixes the price of petroleum products. Internationally the market decides the price.


Map reading and getting skills of journey in capitals of states, metro cities and capital of Nation, Delhi. Financial capital, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai etc. when receive rains in monsoon season it blocks the transport situation. Traffic jam occurs, water collects on roads which cause accidents.

Facts That Matter:

  • Loss of precious time and work occurs, sometimes death occurs due to electric shocks during monsoon. All these accidents destroy the happiness of rainy weather. Tension and aggression of drivers converts into the cause of accidents. Being responsible citizens of India instead of criticizing, effective measures should be suggested.
  • On both sides of each road wide and deep drains should be built to collect water of monsoon.
  • Types of roads like National highway, State highway, Ring road, Roads linking city roads should keep in mind while building drains.
  • At the sides of each main road a system should be built to make rain water harvesting system successful. This water could be used for development of public Institutions in city like community centres, public parks etc. At the time of traffic jam, at signals to develop positive attitude soothing music should be play automatically.
  • Draw the map of the way from your house to school. Select the place of problem during monsoon and give suggestions to solve that problem.
  • Know about any three problems of your city/town/village during monsoon and give three effective suggestions as their solution by conducting discussion in class in writing.
  • To make people aware about available resources to decrease accidents and crimes on roads.
  • Poverty is the cause of illiteracy, which results in lacking of awareness regarding road safety rules and law and gives birth to road accidents of children and elders.
  • Poverty is also a cause of lack of better human resource in form of unemployment and illiterate people. It forces the poor people especially children of urban areas to beg at traffic signals. They spent their time in taking drugs which make them more weak and unhealthy sometimes they become the victim of accidents. They are mentally and physically tortured by abusive language and behaviour of so called civilized rich people. Hence their mental and physical health is adversely affected.

According to a study of government, it was found tha+ children who attract towards crime due to poverty. The title of the study was “Children in India 2012” in which it was said last year out of 33887 children 57% were engaged in crime who belonged to families whose annual income was less than ? 25,000. Data proves that most of children did crime for money.

  • Chain snatching/ purse snatching/ eve teasing/rape, etc. are other crimes. Citizen groups should be trained and appoint by the government to help police force in towns, villages and cities.


  • Collect the newspaper cuttings related to road crimes and give suggestions. How can we save ourselves from such accidents?
  • Make a list of local resources which can be used to control local crimes.


  • Being a responsible citizen students should know the importance of other’s rights and their duties.
  • Students should be given knowledge about road safety rules.
  • When we talk about democratic rights we should know that rights and duties go together. One’s right is definitely the duty to other for example: when we think that driving vehicle on road is our right then we should take care of people who are pedestrians (walk on road) we should have such a moral that we should think of others that they should also get way to walk. We should be aware on way for handicapped, children, or elderly people. We should not feel proud driving a luxury car as a status symbol. Such people should not behave in such manner nor be encouraged by others. We should be tolerant and sensitive towards car pooling being a responsible citizen.

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