RBSE Class 10 English Board Paper 2018

RBSE Class 10 English Board Paper 2018 are part of RBSE Class 10 English Board Model Papers. Here we have given Rajasthan RBSE Class 10 English Board Paper 2018.

Board RBSE
Textbook SIERT, Rajasthan
Class Class 10
Subject English
Paper Set Board Paper 2018
Category RBSE Model Papers

Rajasthan RBSE Class 10 English Board Paper 2018

Time: 3.15 Hours
Maximum Marks: 80

General Instructions to the Examinees :

  1. Candidates must first write their Roll Nos. on the question paper.
  2. All the questions are compulsory.
  3. Write the answer to each question in the given answer-book only.
  4. For questions having more than one part, the answers to those parts must the written together in continuity.
  5. Write the correct serial number of each question mentioned in the question paper.

Section: A


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow : [7]
Passage 1
It was Holi, the festival of colours and gaiety, and there was a big party in the house. Guests came and went but the party continued. Then the bell rang. Several people shouted, “Come in !” and a small man opened the front door and came in. Nobody knew him, but the host went to meet him and took him in. The man sat there happily for half an hour and ate. Then suddenly he stopped and looked at the host. “Do you know?”, he said, “Nobody invited me to the party. I don’t know you. I don’t know your wife and I don’t know any of your guests. My wife and I wanted to go out in our car, but one of your guests’ car was infront of our gate, so I came here to find him and my wife is waiting in our car for me to come back !”.

Question 1.
What was going on in the house? [1]

Question 2.
What did the host do when the small man entered the house? [1]

Question 3.
Who invited the small man to the party? [1]

Question 4.
Where was the small man’s wife while he was in the house? [2]

Question 5.
Find words in the passage which mean [2]
(a) cried loudly
(b) a person who attends the guests

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions : [7]

Passage 2
The great advantage of early rising is the good start, it gives us in our day’s work. The early riser has done a larger amount of hard work before other men have got out of bed. In the early morning, the mind is fresh, and there are few sounds or other distractions, so that the work done at that time is generally well done. In many cases, the early riser also finds time to take some exercise in the fresh morning air and this exercIse supplies him with a fund of energy that will last until the evening. By beginning so early he knows that he has plenty of time to do thoroughly all the work he can be expected to do and is not tempted to hurry over any part of it. All his work being finished in good time, he has a long interval of rest in the evening before the timely hour when he goes to bed.

Question 6.
Why can we work better in the morning? [1]

Question 7.
Why is an early riser able to take rest in the evening? [1]

Question 8.
Which is the most beneficial time for taking exercise? [1]

Question 9.
What are the two advantages of early rising? [2]

Question 10.
Find words from the passage which mean [2]
(a) strength
(b) benefit

Section: B


Question 11.  [5]
Imagine that you are Nikhilesh living in Govt. Hostel, Jaipur. Write a letter to your father requesting him for permission to go for a historical tour. You may touch upon the following points :
(i) The place where will you go.
(ii) Duration of the tour.
(iii) How much money do you need?
(iv) Who are going with you on the tour?


Write an e-mail to the Editor of the Times of India expressing your views on the importance of trees in our life.

Question 12.
Write a short paragraph in about 60 words on any one of the following: [4]
‘My Favourite Teacher’


Write a paragraph in about 60 words with the help of the outline given below :
‘Morning Walk’
Morning walk: cool breeze – birds chatter – red-coloured rising sun – refresh and fill energy – good for health – close to nature.

Question 13.
Write a paragraph in about 75 words on the personality given in the picture : [5]
RBSE Class 10 English Board Paper 2018 1

Section: C


Question 14.
Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs given in the brackets : [8 × ¼ = 4]
(i) What is your mother ………….. (do)?
(ii) Rahul and his family …………… (travel) in America for two weeks now.
(iii) We …………….. (stay) with my uncle next week.
(iv) My uncle, who lives in Mumbai ……. (send) me a new watch last week.
(v) Water in the sea and on the ground constantly …………….. (evaporate) due to heat of the Sun.
(vi) I often ………… (play) basketball after school.
(vii) The train has not ……………… (leave) yet.
(viii) Nitu ……………….. (sing) a song now.

Question 15.
Join the following sentences using the relative pronouns/adverbs given in brackets : [2 × 1½ = 3]
(i) This is the road. This road leads to Jaipur. (that)
(ii) Satish is my brother. His essay has been selected for the competition. (whose)

Question 16.
Change the following sentences into passive voice : [2 × 1 = 2]
(i) They found him guilty of murder.
He ……………….
(ii) Please, hang this picture on the wall.
Your are requested ………

Question 17.
Rewrite the following sentences by changing them into indirect speech : [4 × 1 = 4]
(i) The principal said to the teacher, “How many students are there in your class?”
The principal asked …………….
(ii) My friend said to me, “I have bought a new book for you”.
My friend told, ………………..
(iii) The old woman said to me, “Please help me”.
The old woman requested me ………………
(iv) I said to him, “I have a message for you”.
I told him …………..

Question 18.
Fill in the blanks choosing suitable modals from bracket : (can, could, should, would) [2 × 1 = 2]
(i) I ………………. run fast when I was young.
(ii) Mohan is sick. You ……………… go and see him.

Section: D

Text Book

Question 19.
Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow : [4 × 1 = 4]
Begin, therefore, your day with prayer and make it so soulful that it may remain with you until the evening. Close the day with prayer, so that you may have a peaceful night from dreams and nightmares. Do not worry about the form of prayer. Let it be any form; it should be such as can put us in communion with the Divine.
Questions :
(i) What is the author’s advice to us?
(ii) What is the benefit of prayer done before going to bed?
(iii) What form of prayer is necessary for us?
(iv) Write the word from the passage which means: “dreadful dreams”.

Question 20.
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: [4 × 1 = 4]

In the world, as we grow up, we see a great deal of violence, at all levels of human existence. The ultimate violence is war – the killing for ideas, for so-called religious principles, for nationalities, the killing to preserve a little piece of land. To do that, man will kill, destroy, maim and also be killed himself. There is enormous violence in the world, the rich wanting to keep people poor and the poor wanting to get rich and in the process, hating the rich. And you, being caught in society, are also going to contribute to this.
Questions :
(i) What is ultimate violence?
(ii) Why do the poor hate the rich?
(iii) How much violence do we see around us?
(iv) Write from the passage the word which means: “wound seriously.”

Question 21.
Answer any one of the following two questions in about 60 words : [1 × 3 = 3]
(i) What disastrous event took place in Marvar when Jambaji was 25 years old? (The Tale of the Bishnois)
(ii) Why did the gentleman accept the stranger as his true son?

Question 22.
Answer any one of the following questions in about 30–40 words: [1 × 3 = 3]
(i) How does Think-Tank describe the earth?
(ii) How does Think-Tank wish to be saluted?

Question 23.
Explain any one of the following stanzas with reference of the context : [1 × 4 = 4]
(i) My courage revived, in my fortune’s despite, And my hand was as strong as my spirit was light; It raised me from sorrow, it saved me from pain; It fed me, and clad me, again and again.

(ii) This Dog and Man at first were friends;
But when a pique began;
The Dog, to gain his private ends,
Went mad, and bit the Man.

Question 24.
Answer any two of the following questions in about 30–40 words : [2 × 1½ = 5]
(i) How does a person suffer who avoids taking risks? (Risks)
(ii) How is the lotus considered as a symbol in the Indian Society? (The Lotus)
(iii) What inspiration do we get from the poem? (My Good Right Hand)

Question 25.
Answer any one of the following questions in about 80 words : [1 × 5 = 5]
(i) How did Anil change Hari Singh’s character? (The Thief’s Story)
(ii) Why did Rosamond decide to buy the purple jar instead of a new pair of shoes? (The Purple Jar)

Question 26.
Answer any one of the following questions in about 30-40 words: [1 × 3 = 3]
(i) What do you think about freedom in teenage? (Growing up Pains)
(ii) Did Private Quelch really know ‘too much’? (The Man Who Knew too Much)

Question 27.
Answer any one of the following questions in about 20–25 words : [1 × 2 = 2]
(i) Who took away the earrings? How? (Uttanka’s Gurudakshina)
(ii) What did the peasant say when he lost his breakfast? (The Imp and the Peasant’s Bread)

Question 28.
Write a speech in about 80 words on the responsibilities if you are issued a driving license. [1 × 4 = 4]


Answer 1.
There was a big party for Holi going on in the house.

Answer 2.
The host went to meet and took him inside.

Answer 3.
Nobody invited small man to the party.

Answer 4.
The small man’s wife was waiting out in the car while he was in the house.

Answer 5.
(a) shouted
(b) host.

Answer 6.
We can work better in the morning because in the morning our mind is fresh and there are few sounds or other distractions.

Answer 7.
An early riser is able to take rest in the evening because all his work being finished in good time.

Answer 8.
Morning time is the most beneficial time for taking exercise.

Answer 9.
The two advantages of early rising are :

  1. We find time to take some exercise in the fresh morning air.
  2. We have plenty of time to do thoroughly all the work.

Answer 10.
(a) energy
(b) advantage

Answer 11.
46/283 Govt. Hostel
5th July, 2018
My dear Father

I am happy here. Our school is going to organize a historical (educational) tour. About thirty students and two teachers will go on the tour during the winter vacation. It is a ten days tour. We shall leave Kota on 21st December. We shall visit Udaipur, Mt. Abu, Ajmer, Jodhpur, and Jaipur. All my friends are going on this tour. It will give us good historical knowledge about these places.

So, please, allow me to go on this tour. I would require one thousand rupees to go on this tour. I am hopeful vou would send me the needful amount and permission to go on the tour. Please, convey my regards to my dear mother and love to Kamala.

With regards

Your loving son


Kishore Sadan
25 March, 2018
The Editor Bharat Times

Sub. : Importance of trees in our life.

Dear Sir,

I’d like to bring your kind attention on the “Importance of trees in our life” without trees we would be dead. Please pass a tree ordinance to stop cutting trees out of reasons that are unjust to the trees. such as greed, ignorance for scenic pleasures etc.
Trees provide us many benefits :
(1) Prevent flooding
(2) Provides oxygen
(3) Increase property value
(4) Absorb pollutant gases.
Trees provide shade for people in the summer when it’s really hot outside. Trees beautify our surrounding and provide homes for wildlife. Without trees we can’t imagine our lives.
I request to give this topic a column in your newspaper.

Thanking you

Yours Truly

Answer 12.
My Favourite Teacher
Mr. Ramanand is my favorite teacher. He teaches us English. He teaches very effectively. His voice is clear and loud enough for the class. He has sweet nature. He talks cheerfully and lovingly. He is very punctual. He is always ready to help weak students. He believes in ‘Planned Hardwork. I like and respect my favourite teacher.


Morning Walk :
Morning walk in a park gives me happiness daily. Fresh cool breeze blows in the morning. Birds chatter in the sky. We observe the red-coloured rising sun in the east. It refreshes me and fills me with energy. I feel fresh throughout the day. Morning walk is good for health. It develops social contacts. I really enjoy being close to nature.

Answer 13.
The personality given in the picture is great scientist Abdul Kalam. He was born into a middle class Tamil family in the island town of Rameswaram in the erstwhile Madras State. His father was, Jainulabdeen. He possessed great innate wisdom. His mother was Ashiamma. She was very caring. They live in there ancestral house on the mosque street in Rameswaram. He studied physics and aerospace engineering. He spent the next four decades as a scientist mainly at DRDO and ISRO. He was known as “Missile Man of India”. He served as the 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007. At the age of 83, he died from an apparent cardiac arrest on 27 July, 2015.

Answer 14.
(i) doing
(ii) has been travelling
(iii) will stay
(iv) sent
(v) evaporates
(vi) play
(vii) left
(viii) will sing

Answer 15.
(i) This is the road that leads to Jaipur.
(ii) Satish is my brother whose essay has been selected for the competition.

Answer 16.
(i) He was found guilty of murder.
(ii) You are requested to hang this picture on the wall.

Answer 17.
(i) The principal asked the teacher how many students were there in his class.
(ii) My friend told me that he had bought a new book for me.
(iii) The old woman requested me to help her.
(iv) I told him that I had a message for him.

Answer 18.
(i) could
(ii) should

Answer 19.
(i) Author’s advice to us is that we have to start and close our day with prayer.
(ii) The benefit of prayer done before going to bed is that we have peaceful night from dreams and nightmare.
(iii) Any form of prayer is necessary for us.
(iv) Nightmares.

Answer 20.
(i) War is the ultimate violence
(ii) Poor wanting to get rich therefore hates the rich.
(iii) There is enormous violence around us.
(iv) maim.

Answer 21.
(i) The small quantity of rain that used to come regularly ceased altogether. The worst sufferers were the cattle. In the first year of drought they could eat the bajara straw stored in the house. In the second year there was not a blade of grass left anywhere. People hacked trees to feed the animals leaves. The browse was insufficient. The drought remained continued for eight consecutive years.
(ii) The gentleman said to the stranger at the end of the story that he was very dear to him. None other so dear to him that night as the stranger was. He was very grateful to him to pass the same kindness to the other people. He was indeed his true son. He was happy to know about him.

Answer 22.
(i) Think-Tank describes the earth as an insignificant place. He calls the inhabitants of the earth as ugly earthlings with their tiny heads. He also calls the earth the primitive ball of mud.
(ii) Think-Tank wishes to be saluted in these words— ‘O Great and Mighty Think-Tank, Ruler of Mars and her two moons, most powerful and intelligent creature in the whole universe.’

Answer 23.
Reference- These lines have been taken from the poem “My Good Right Hand’. The poem is composed by Charles Mackey.
Context- All friends and acquaintances of the poet’ did not come forward to help him in his evil days. The poet had trust in God and on his own hard work. It made him courageous.
Explanation- The poet says that his lost courage came back to him. It did not matter that the poet was still in his evil days. However, he was strong in his hands. He was not disappointed. He was cheerful. All this brought him out of his evil days. All his troubles and difficulties left him. His faith in God and in his hard work gave him food and cloth well.

Reference- These lines refer to the poem “An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog”. The poem is composed by Oliver Goldsmith.
Context- For gaining private ends a pique develops between friends and they turn foes.
Explanation- In these lines the poet tells us | about a change in the relations between the Man and the Dog. At first the Man and the Dog were friends. Later they developed enmity. A quarrel took place between them. The Dog wanted to take revenge. It was the Dog’s personal end. So the Dog went mad and bit the Man.

Answer 24.
(i) The poet says that the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. A person, who avoids taking risks, gains nothing, becomes valueless himself and his life becomes a total failure.

(ii) The lotus has been a favourite flower of Indian gods and goddesses. Both Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi love this flower. In present times many prizes have been named after the lotus. It is also believed that Brahma sprouted from the lotus. Lotus symbolises truth, auspiciousness and beauty. Thus the lotus has great cultural significance.

(iii) We learn a lot of lessons from this poem. First, we should not depend too much on our friends and acquaintances for help. Self-help is the best help. Secondly, we should have courage and work hard by having full faith in God. God helps those who help themselves. Finally, we should learn from our adversities and try to help our friends in their need. Only then we can expect them to help us.

Answer 25.
(i) Hari Singh lied about his name and cooking but Anil did not mind it. He said he would teach him cooking. Anil also taught him to write his name. Anil said he would soon teach him to write whole sentences and to add numbers. Hari Singh made a rupee a day from buying the day’s supplies. Anil knew it but he didn’t mind it. Anil had given him a key to the door. Hari Singh stole Anil’s money and later put back it but Anil didn’t say anything.

(ii) Rosamond decided to buy the purple jar instead of a new pair of shoes because of being imprudent in decision-making and acting impulsively. Different colours attracted her. She didn’t know that the liquid is colourful, not the jar. The liquid was purple, the jar was plain. Under impulse, she forgot the pressing need of shoes. She spurned her mother’s advice too.

Answer 26.
(i) I think positively about freedom in teenage. Amma is right to give Samir limited freedom. Appa is right to give Samir cautious freedom. Samir is right when he demands freedom of a grown up. Only required freedom should be given.

(ii) Yes, Private Quelch really knew too much. He corrected the Sergeant an accurate muzzle velocity of a bullet. He lectured daily to his fellow trainers on every aspect of human knowledge. He corrected Corporal Turnbull on the number of fragments in a hand grenade.

Answer 27.
(i) A hand took away the earrings. The hand was of a man dressed in rangs. The man ran through the forest. He changes into a snake. He entered a hole.

(ii) To lose his breakfast the peasant said, “It cannot be helped. I shall not die of hunger. Whoever took the bread needed it. May it do him good.

Answer 28.
Respected Principal Madam/Sir, worthy teachers and my dear schoolmates.

Today I, Suruchi Khanna going to express my views on : responsibilities if you are issued a driving licence.
Driving is a priviledge, not a right. What you need to know before you begin. We must have a driver’s licence to operate a vehicle of any kind on a public highway or parking facility in India.

Every state has a government agency that issues driver licence. In each state, this agency is called Regional Transport Authority or RTO. These agencies may refuse to issue or renew a licence if you don’t , meet the restrictions set by them.

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