RBSE Class 12 Political Science Model Paper 3 English Medium

RBSE Class 12 Political Science Model Paper 3 English Medium are part of RBSE Class 12 Political Science Board Model Papers. Here we have given RBSE Class 12 Political Science Sample Paper 3 English Medium.

Board RBSE
Textbook SIERT, Rajasthan
Class Class 12
Subject Political Science
Paper Set Model Paper 3
Category RBSE Model Papers

RBSE Class 12 Political Science Sample Paper 3 English Medium

Time: 3.15 Hours
Maximum Marks: 80

General Instructions to the Examinees:

  1. Candidate must write his/her Roll No. on the question paper compulsorily.
  2. All the questions are compulsory.
  3. Write the answer to each question in the given answer book only.
  4. For questions having more than one part, the answers to those parts are to be written together in continuity.
  5. Section Q. Nos Marks per question Word limit of answer
    A 1-10 1 10 Words
    B 11-18 2 20  Words
    C 19-27 4 30-40 Words
    D 28-30 6 250-300 Words
  6. Question Nos. 28,29 and 30 have internal choices.


Question 1.
Define ‘Justice’, as per Plato. [1]

Question 2.
Mention two main theories of power structure. [1]

Question 3.
What does modem and contemporary liberalism emphasis on? [1]

Question 4.
What is the fundamental base of Marx’s thought? [1]

Question 5.
By which constitution amendment, education has been given the status of fundamental right? [1]

Question 6.
What is meant by power of judicial review? [1]

Question 7.
How many members are elected for Rajasthan State Assembly? [1]

Question 8.
On what bases, Impeachment motion can be initiated against the President in India? [1]

Question 9.
Elucidate any two principles of Panchasheel. [1]

Question 10.
Write two functions of ASEAN. [1]


Question 11.
Clarify the concept of secularism. [2]

Question 12.
Mention any two types of freedom. [2]

Question 13.
“Liberalism thought has been a mutable thought”. Explain this statement. [2]

Question 14.
Clarify the theory of dialectical materialism propounded by Marx. [2]

Question 15.
Fundamental rights are very important. Make arguments in support of this narrative. [2]

Question 16.
Mention any two suggestions to remove tensions between center and states. [2]

Question 17.
How has it been helpful in controlling terrorists’ activities by demonetization? Explain. [2]

Question 18.
How does caste play its role in politics? Explain. [2]


Question 19.
Clarify the justice-related concept in Indian philosophy. [4]

Question 20.
Propound the utility of political partnership. [4]

Question 21.
What is the main contribution of Gandhiji to political science? [4]

Question 22.
Portray with the tabulation the causes of globalisation and their impacts. [4]

Question 23.
“Indian constitution is a blend of rigidity and flexibility.” How? Prove it. [4]

Question 24.
How does the Prime-Minister work as a common thread between the President and the Council of Ministers? Describe. [4]

Question 25.
“Public Interest Litigation is the most effective means of Judicial proactivity”. How? Explain in detail. [4]

Question 26.
Mention any four negative points of politics of coalition in India. [4]

Question 27.
‘Elucidate suggestions to make United Nations more relevant in the changing scenario. [4]


Question 28.
While defining the meaning of political socialisation analyse its characteristics. [6]
Clarify the meaning of political culture. Explain determinants of political culture.

Question 29.
What is meant of environment pollution? Explain its different types. [6]
Elucidate suggestions for empowerment of NITI Aayog in the context, of .present necessities of the country.

Question 30.
What is ASEAN? Propound its importance. [6]
Write an essay about relations of India with its neighbours.

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