RBSE Class 12 Political Science Model Paper 4 English Medium

RBSE Class 12 Political Science Model Paper 4 English Medium are part of RBSE Class 12 Political Science Board Model Papers. Here we have given RBSE Class 12 Political Science Sample Paper 4 English Medium.

Board RBSE
Textbook SIERT, Rajasthan
Class Class 12
Subject Political Science
Paper Set Model Paper 4
Category RBSE Model Papers

RBSE Class 12 Political Science Sample Paper 4 English Medium

Time: 3.15 Hours
Maximum Marks: 80

General Instructions to the Examinees:

  1. Candidate must write his/her Roll No. on the question paper compulsorily.
  2. All the questions are compulsory.
  3. Write the answer to each question in the given answer book only.
  4. For questions having more than one part, the answers to those parts are to be written together in continuity.
  5. Section Q. Nos Marks per question Word limit of answer
    A 1-10 1 10 Words
    B 11-18 2 20  Words
    C 19-27 4 30-40 Words
    D 28-30 6 250-300 Words
  6. Question Nos. 28,29 and 30 have internal choices.


Question 1.
Distinguish between traditional and modern points of view of justice. [1]

Question 2.
What is meant by legality? [1]

Question 3.
Which two thoughts can be called the soul of Gandhism? [1]

Question 4.
Explain any two basic concepts of Marxism. [1]

Question 5.
By 42nd constitution amendment, which directive principles vis-a-vis economic security have been added to? [1]

Question 6.
Write two elements of Indian federal system. [1]

Question 7.
Which article of Indian constitution has the description of procedure of money bill? [1]

Question 8.
In order to maintain the originality of the constitution, which methods can be adopted by the judiciary? [1]

Question 9.
When and between whom was the Simla agreement signed? [1]

Question 10.
Name the agency of the United Nations, constituted for propagation of education and cultures. [1]


Question 11.
Clarify justice-related thoughts of John Rowles. [2]

Question 12.
Mention any two differences between power and authority. [2]

Question 13.
“Modem age is an age of liberalism”. Explain this statement. [2]

Question 14.
Elucidate Gandhiji’s views on accomplishment and means. [2]

Question 15.
Propound the necessity of fundamental rights and their importance. [2]

Question 16.
“The form of Indian constitution is federal, but soul is unitary”. State any two arguments in support of this statement. [2]

Question 17.
“At present, terrorism is a serious challenge for democracy”. Being a supporter of democracy, suggest two steps to address to this problem. [2]

Question 18.
Mention any two negative points of politics of coalition in India. [2]


Question 19.
“Freedom and equality are mutually contradictory”. Clarify. [4]

Question 20.
Explain the importance of educational institutions in political socialisation. [4]

Question 21.
Explain the appropriateness of Marxist concept in present context. [4]

Question 22.
Analyse the formation of Niti Aayogand its objectives in present context. [4]

Question 23.
“Division of powers is tilted towards the centre in Indian constitution”. Clarify this statement. [4]

Question 24.
How is Lok Sabha constituted? Explain. [4]

Question 25.
Describe any four steps taken to empower Panchayati Raj system in India. [4]

Question 26.
What steps can be taken to end political criminalisation? Any four. [4]

Question 27.
“Even today, non-align movement is effective to face the main challenges of the world”. Give any four arguments in support of your conviction. [4]


Question 28.
While apprising about the main agencies of political co-partnership, describe their contribution in this process. [6]
What do you understand by political culture? Also, describe its importance.

Question 29.
What is new social movement? Write an analytical essay on the tendencies and types of new social movements in India. [6]
While explaining the meaning of economic justice, make analysis of those provisions of Indian constitution, which are supportive for establishment of economic justice.

Question 30.
What is the historical base of Indo-China relations? What sort of relations both the countries have at present? Explain in detail.
While describing organisational structure of SAARC, explain its contribution in the establishment of peace and cooperation in South-Asia. [6]

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