RBSE Class 12 Political Science Model Paper 2 English Medium

RBSE Class 12 Political Science Model Paper 2 English Medium are part of RBSE Class 12 Political Science Board Model Papers. Here we have given RBSE Class 12 Political Science Sample Paper 2 English Medium.

Board RBSE
Textbook SIERT, Rajasthan
Class Class 12
Subject Political Science
Paper Set Model Paper 2
Category RBSE Model Papers

RBSE Class 12 Political Science Sample Paper 2 English Medium

Time: 3.15 Hours
Maximum Marks: 80

General Instructions to the Examinees:

  1. Candidate must write his/her Roll No. on the question paper compulsorily.
  2. All the questions are compulsory.
  3. Write the answer to each question in the given answer book only.
  4. For questions having more than one part, the answers to those parts are to be written together in continuity.
  5. Section Q. Nos Marks per question Word limit of answer
    A 1-10 1 10 Words
    B 11-18 2 20  Words
    C 19-27 4 30-40 Words
    D 28-30 6 250-300 Words
  6. Question Nos. 28,29 and 30 have internal choices.


Question 1.
In which scripture has Plato presented his justice-related thoughts? [1]

Question 2.
Define power as per Maciver. [1]

Question 3.
Who is regarded father of liberalism? [1]

Question 4.
What suggestions do socialism present for the establishment of economic uniformity? Explain any two. [1]

Question 5.
By 42nd constitutional amendment, which words are added in the preamble? [1]

Question 6.
Under which act, education has been included in fundamental rights? [1]

Question 7.
Vice-President is the ex-officio chairman of which house of the Parliament? [1]

Question 8.
In present times, which is the most powerful means for the safety of public interests? [1]

Question 9.
Write any two characteristics of Indian foreign policy. [1]

Question 10.
When was the United Nations established? [1]


Question 11.
Clarify the meaning of economic justice. [2]

Question 12.
Mention two bases for ‘Authority compliance.’ [2]

Question 13.
“Liberalism is a reaction against Marxism”. Explain this statement. [2]

Question 14.
Explain the concept of Marxism in respect of democracy, religion and nationalism. [2]

Question 15.
“Fundamental rights and duties are complimentary to each other.” Clarify. [2]

Question 16.
Why has the federal system been (Union of States) implemented in India? Explain any two reasons [2]

Question 17.
Write down two important consequences of conaftiunalism. [2]

Question 18.
The politics of coalition is a danger for the stability of government. How? [2]


Question 19.
Analyse the different forms of authority propounded by Max Webar. [4]

Question 20.
Explain the relations between political culture and political socialisation. [4]

Question 21.
Mention main elements of socialism. [4]

Question 22.
Show in a tabulation the causes of soil pollution and its effects. [4]

Question 23.
In order to uplift the social and educational level of the citizens, which elements have been incorporated in the constitution? Explain. [4]

Question 24.
How has independence and safety of Judiciary been provided in Indian constitution? Explain. [4]

Question 25.
Being a vigilant citizen of India, describe those characteristics of 74th constitutional amendment, because of which Panchayati Raj has been made very effective. (Any four). [4]

Question 26.
“Influence of caste is not helpful in the development of democracy.” In this context of statement, mention any two negative effects of casteism in Indian politics. [4]

Question 27.
“As per your conviction, SAARC has proved to be very useful in the establishment of peace and cooperation in South-Aria.” Mention any four arguments in support of this conception. [4]


Question 28.
Define political socialisation and describe its main sources. [6]
Define political culture, analyse the prevalent cultures of today.

Question 29.
How is Indian culture helpful in environment conservation? Describe in detail. [6]
Evaluate the impacts of globalisation on India.

Question 30.
In order to make India restive, Pakistan is trying to consolidate its relation with our neighbouring countries. What impact is India having because of this? Analyse in detail. [6]
Explain the main objects of the establishment of the United Nations and its present utility.

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