RBSE Class 8 English Model Paper 2

RBSE Class 8 English Model Paper 2 are part of RBSE Class 8 English Board Model Papers. Here we have given RBSE Class 8 English Sample Paper 2.

Board RBSE
Textbook SIERT, Rajasthan
Class Class 8
Subject English
Paper Set Model Paper 2
Category RBSE Model Papers

RBSE Class 8 English Sample Paper 2

Time : 2.30 Hrs.
Max. Marks : 80

General Instructions

  1. Candidates must write their Roll Nos. on the question paper.
  2. All the questions are compulsory.
  3. Write the answer to each question in the given answer-book only.
  4. For the questions having more than one part, the answers to those parts must be written together’s in continuity.
  5. Write the correct serial number of each question as mentioned in the question paper.
  6. Questions have been divided into four parts. Part-I consists of multiple choice questions. PartII consists of one-word answer type questions. Part-III consists of comprehension passages (unseen and seen) with the textual questions. Part-IV consists of writing skill based questions.
  7. Draw a table in the answer-sheet and write the answer to the question from 1 to 7.


Choose the correct answer : [1 x 7 = 7]
Question 1.
Sangeeta saw a child drowning in the canal. The word “drown ing’ means:
(a) help
(b) rescue
(c) sink
(d) float

Question 2.
Storing rainwater is popular in societies, ___ have increased crop production.
(a) which
(b) whose
(c) who
(d) that

Question 3.
Select the word that doesn’t belong to the group :
(a) Car
(b) Truck
(c) Motorcycle
(d) Boat

Question 4.
The Rajput warriors fought ___ the Mughals.
(a) since
(b) with
(c) for
(d) against

Question 5.
Which of the bold/underlined letters have a different sound?
(a) price
(b) twice
(c) rice
(d) prince

Question 6.
The illegal trespassers who ____ to usurp the territory of Chittorgarh.
(a) is venturing
(b) venture
(c) ventured
(d) was venturer

Question 7.
The swimming pool …………. at 9 o’clock and ……… at 18.30 every day.
(a) is opening / is closing
(b) opens / closes
(c) has opened/has closed
(d) opened /closed


Question 8.
Make new words by adding “ing” or “er” to the follow ing words properly. [2]

  1. read + ___= ___
  2. danc +___=___

Question 9.
Write plurals of the following words : [2]

  1. weapon
  2. Body

Question 10.
Write the missing letters in the following words: [2]

  1. Leg_on
  2. B_ave

Question 11.
Identify the words with incorrect spelling and rewrite them after correcting: [2]
Yesterday, I watched a movie which was vary interesting. I am now planning to go for another such movie.

Question 12.
You can’t catch the train ___ you are ___ in time. (if/unless/ till/untill) . [2]

Question 13.
Use punctuation marks such as comma, question mark and capital letters in the following sentences wherever required: [2]

  1. it is a moving poem that expresses the poets love for trees and criticizes the creation of concrete jungles at the cost of green forests
  2. trees are said to be green gold

Question 14.
Arrange the words in proper order to make meaningful sentences: [2]

  1. He /swim/ does not/ how to , /know
  2. is reading /Mohan/since / a novel / five days

Question 15.
Join the following sentences using “either___or.” You can leave the room. You can pay the rent of room. [2]

Question 16.
Fill in the blanks with the help of the words given in the bracket : [2]
(use, cross, wear, lights, stop, problem, reduce)
(a) Always _____a helmet.
(b) ____ at the zebra crossing.


(A) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below :
After the last visitor had left, the animal’s of a zoo used to assemble everyday around a pond, which was in the middle of the zoo. For an hour, they could either play about lolling in the water, rolling on the sand or merely chat with each other. It was a fun time for the animals and they made the most out of it. But, for the last few days, they have stopped this activity. They rather preferred being left alone. Huttu, the owl, was surprised at this sudden change. “We must not hide anything from each other. Why are we neglecting each other? We should talk over our problems or else how shall we find solutions to them?” said Huttu.

Question 17.

  1. When and where did the animal’s usu, ally assemble? [2 ½]
  2. How did the animals enjoy themselves during the fun time? [2 ½]

Question 18.

  1. What has been happening for the last few days? [2 ½]
  2. Write the opposites of the followings: [2 ½]
    1. after
    2. last

(B) Read the following unseen passage carefully and answer the following questions :
Motu, the elephant, broke the silence, “I am fed up of the people who come here. They hurt my feelings. They make fun of me. They look at my tusks with greedy eyes and say they could fetch them good money.” Rangu, the crocodile spoke lazily, “I am getting scared myself. You know I feel very hungry. One morning some girls were feeding me with potatoes. A wicked boy pushed a stone in my mouth. My
stomach ached for ten days.”

Question 19.

  1. Who is Motu? Why do the visitors look at him with greedy eyes? [2 ½]
  2. What did Motu say when he broke the silence? [2 ½]

Question 20.

  1. Who is Rangu and what did a wicked boy do with him? [3]
  2. Find the word from the passage which means “A long pointed elephant tooth. [2]

(C) Read the following unseen passage carefully and answer the following questions :
It is because I know how sweet and happy and pure the home of honest poverty is, how free from perplexing care and social envies and jealousies, how loving and united the members are in the common interest of supporting the family that I sympathise with the rich man’s boy and congratulate the poor man’s son. It is for these reasons that from the ranks of the poor so many strong eminent self-reliant men have always sprung. The list of “Immortals who were not born to die” represents most of the people from a poor background.

Question 21.

  1. Why does the author pity the rich man’s boy? [2]
  2. What does the word ‘perplexing’ mean? [3]

Question 22.

  1. (a) Write one word for the following: [2 ½]
    Free of deceit; truthful and sincere. H …..
  2. (b) Find the word from the passage which is opposite to “happy’. [2 ½]

Question 23.
Rearrange the following sentences according to the time of events: [5]

  1. Once, a boy was eating a bun on the roof and a crow came and snatched the bun from his hand.
  2. As soon as he opened his mouth, the bun got down and the fox picked the bun and disappeared
  3. A fox passing by saw the bun at the peak of the crow and got an idea.
  4. The crow went away and sat on the branch of a tree.
  5. He requested the crow to sing a song and the crow started singing.


Question 24.
You are Sujen. Write a letter to your friend Suman asking him about his illness. [10]
You may use the following points :

  1. What did you know about your friend?
  2. What did you advise him to do?
  3. What is your concern?

Ashok Vihar,

Dear Suman,


Your loving friend,



Write a complaint letter to the District Collector, drawing his attention to the nuisance caused by loudspeakers in the city during examination days. Use the outline as given below: You may use following clues :
(disturbance being caused by the loudspeakers, students are preparing for exams, loud noise of loudspeakers)

111 Janta Colony
Ram Nagar
Date- 17 December, 20___
Ramnagar (UP)
I _______________________________________________

Thanking you!
Yours faithfully

Question 25.
Write a short paragraph in about 70 words on “Friendship”. You may use the following words : (a friend indeed, real friend stays by you, friendship should be safeguarded, reciprocate the love) [10]


Write a story in about 70-80 words with the help of the given outlines:
Once a lion ___ a mouse. The mouse asked to leave him ar,d promised ___ one day, it will help. The lion laughed ___ and left is. After some days, ___caught __a hunter. The lion tried hard but __. The same little mouse__. It cut __ sharp teeth. The lion ___ and thanked ___ friends.

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